Interview & Hiring

Interview & Hiring

In 2019 Grow Binghamton received 160 applications for its mere 25 youth positions. Applying to Grow Binghamton can be a competitive process so having a detailed application helps you get offered an interview. Applying for our program is a great learning experience from filling out the application to interviewing. You should be proud of the hard work you’ve put into your application that has led you to an interview, and possibly even a job with Grow Binghamton!

2020 Applications are now CLOSED!

Hiring Process – Applicable only after Interviewed

Applicants that are offered a job will be notified in May. Additionally, a few applicants will be wait-listed and should attend and fill out all the paperwork as well.
Due to multiple funding sources to provide employment to Binghamton teens the following steps and paperwork are required to complete your hiring paperwork. You can download all the documents needed below or request a packet be mailed home to you. Be sure to fill out all documents in blue or black ink and write legibly.

If you do not have access to create a digital version of your income documentation you may coordinate a time to meet with VINES staff for assistance. Please call or text Hope Townsend at 607-444-1584.

1. Complete the VINES Hiring Packet/On-boarding Form HERE.
2. Complete and Return a copy of VINES’ Health/Emergency Form – you can pick up a hard copy at the Urban Farm OR print Health Form GB 2020.
3. Complete and Return a copy of USCIS I-9 Form – will need a hard copy.
4. Provide Copies of Identification Documents – will need to see in person.
VINES will need copies of your: Social Security Card (AND) a Drivers License, State ID, School ID or Report Card (OR) Passport.
5. Complete and Return a copy of W4 Form – will need a hard copy.
6. Submit a copy of your working papers if under 18.

Open Farm Hours to Drop off Hiring Packet
There will be open office hours at the Binghamton Urban Farm, every Thursday 9-12, where you can drop off your paperwork and VINES can make photocopies of your supporting documents.

If you are requesting a mailed copy of the hiring packet, please do so before May 31st so there is time for it to get to you in the mail.

CLICK HERE to download a TANF application.