Dick Andrus Community Orchard

The Dick Andrus Community Orchard is currently in the development stages and will ultimately grow food for the community and serve as a nursery to fruit trees and bushes that will be planted at community gardens and other spaces around Broome County. Dick Andrus was one of VINES’ founders, inspiring countless people in our community to grow their own food, eat local, and do their part to protect the environment.

The Dick Andrus Community Orchard is being established on a Corbett Avenue property donated by Dick and his family to VINES. This spot was home to Dick’s own garden for decades and has a number of already established fruit trees. A professor at Binghamton University, Dick brought dozens of students here every year to learn about food production, composting, and urban gardening in general.

You can help us honor Dick’s legacy and build an orchard that will grow fruit for those in our community that struggle to access fresh foods. Contact us at info@vinesgardens.org or 607-205-8108 for information, to join the orchard committee or learn about volunteering with the project. You may donate to support the project below.