Green Thumb Workshop Series

 The Green Thumb Workshop Series is an educational series for community members  to learn about a variety of gardening and culinary topics through hands-on workshops and related activities. Each workshop is led by experienced professionals and educators including horticulture and nutrition experts from the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Broome County, Binghamton University Faculty and VINES’ experienced staff.

Events are hosted at accessible locations within Broome County and focus on affordability. VINES provides the resources and ease of startup so that gardeners of nearly any skill level can take away something new. All events hosted through the Green Thumb Workshop Series are free and open to the public. A donation of $5-10 is appreciated. To sign up for workshops please go to our events page!


Registration now open for our Fall 2019 Workshop Series!
To sign up for workshops visit our events page!




If you missed our Spring and Summer Green Thumb Series, look out for these workshops next year!

  • Gardening 101 – learn what grows in our area and how to plan your garden
  • Gardening 201 – a more in-depth look at how to get the most out of your space and build healthy soil
  • Seed Starting – save money and have more options by learning the essentials of starting your own seeds
  • Composting for Beginners – reduce your food waste and start producing your own nutrient-rich compost
  • Advanced Home Composting – learn to improve your composting, and get a closer look at the science behind it
  • Preservation 101 – Pickling – come and learn the basics of pickling and see how easy it is to make your own delicious dills
  • Preservation 101 – Tomato Canning – hold on to that great summer tomato harvest by learning to make your own salsa 


2018 Green Thumb Workshop Series Recap

The Green Thumb Workshop Series is made possible through the contributions of generous donors, volunteers, and grant funding from several sources.