Gardening Resources

Looking to plan out your garden bed this year? Check out VINES’ YouTube Channel for helpful videos and the below materials to help you get started.

Community Garden Guidelines

Raised Bed Growing Guide

Sample Easy-to-Grow Garden Plan

Growing at Home: A Gardening Guide

Building a raised bed 4×10

Harvest Guide

Hardening off Seedlings

Growing Tomatoes: Planting to Harvest

Tomato Diseases and Disorders

How to: Composting

Composting at Home

Home Garden Insect Control

Season Extension

Healthy Soil for Community Gardens

Pest Control

Soil Testing

Check your soil before you plant for lead, acidity and nutrient levels. If you live in a home that was built before 1970 or you live near a major highway, your soil may be contaminated with lead from lead paint on your house or lead gasoline dust. To keep yourself and your family healthy, you should not grow in soil that is or may be contaminated with lead. To be safe, grow in clean soil in a raised bed or bag.