Community Gardens

VINES has 12 community gardens in Binghamton. At a VINES community garden, you can rent your own raised garden bed for a yearly fee (cost per site is listed below). The garden bed comes ready for planting.

If you are interested in renting a garden plot, please send an email to or call 607-205-8108. Availability is limited and preference is given to people living in the neighborhood of the garden. To apply fill out the Community Garden Sign-up Form and mail or email back to us.

If you are interested in building a new community garden site, an application process will be posted in the fall. You can email to be put on our mailing list to be notified about our Community Garden Site Application Process. We appreciate your interest and dedication to transforming and beautifying vacant urban lots!


Our 2018 Community Garden sign up form will be posted soon.  Here’s a peek at the 2017 Form

Columbus Park Community Garden (26 Columbus Park East. Binghamton, NY)

This site is immediately east of Columbus Park. It is the site of the first Binghamton community garden, and is host to a large VINES mural on an adjacent wall. The site also possesses a small, but expanding, pollinator garden outside of the fence area which bears perennial and annual plants that attract bees and other wildlife. Garden Rental Fee: $10 per plot (8×3 ft).



Corbett Ave. Community Garden (26 Corbett Ave. Binghamton, NY)

Land for this site is a gift of Binghamton University professor Dick Andrus who recruited groups of students from Binghamton University to help with construction of the raised beds and deer fence. There are nine plots and a several perennial crops growing at Corbett Ave. The perimeter landscaping includes ornamental plantings, herbs, and areas for growing deer resistant crops such as garlic and rhubarb. Garden Rental Fee: $30 per pair of plots (20x 4 ft each)

Family Enrichment Network Community Garden (52 Sherman St, Johnson City, NY)

This is VINES first Johnson City Garden, and garden outside the city of Binghamton. This garden was built in less than a day by neighbors and volunteers in October 2017. The garden was founded in partnership with the Family Enrichment Network. This is VINES 12th Garden. Priority for garden plot rentals will be given to residents of these homes and the surrounding blocks. Garden Rental Fee: $20 per plot


Front Street Community Garden (250 Front St, Binghamton, NY)

Binghamton’s 10th community garden, this garden was built in less than a day by neighbors and volunteers. The garden was founded in partnership with First Ward Action Council and is among the Binghamton Gateway Housing Community. Priority for garden plot rentals will be given to residents of these homes and the surrounding blocks. Garden Rental Fee: $20 per plot (10×4 ft).




Gregory Lane Community Garden (10 Gregory Ln. Binghamton, NY)

The garden is located on the corner of Gregory Lane and Starr Avenue. The land for the garden was donated to VINES through the generous support of several neighbors who wanted to see the previously vacant lot developed into a beautiful greenspace. The garden contains 22 raised beds and an ornamental flower garden and a rock garden populated with ornamental kale and succulent plants. By the 2016 growing season, this garden has upgraded accessible garden beds for individuals with limited mobility (ADA compliant).  Garden Rental Fee: $20 per plot (10×4 ft).


Laurel Ave. Community Garden (128 Laurel Ave. Binghamton, NY)

This garden was developed in partnership with the Binghamton University Price-Waterhouse Coopers Scholars. The site has 22 beds, a common space with ornamental plantings, perennial herbs and flowers, fruit trees and shrubs. There is discussion about building a vertical herb garden with pallets in 2016 and adding additional perennial plants. The site will be partnering with classes at Horace Mann Elementary School this year. Garden Rental Fee: $25 per plot (10×4 ft).




Liberty Street Community Garden (79 Liberty St. Binghamton, NY)

VINES constructed this garden on the North Side of Binghamton in 2009 with funding from the City of Binghamton and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.  The City of Binghamton had demolished a blighted house on this site just the year before, and it sat vacant until VINES transformed it into a garden.  In 2010, VINES purchased the property from the City, ensuring that the site will stay a community garden for the long term.  In addition to the 13 raised garden beds, the garden has apple trees and a small pavilion with cord wood constructed walls. Garden Rental Fee: $15 per plot (8×5 ft).


Mather Street Community Garden (26 Mather St. Binghamton, NY)

This garden lives on Binghamton’s Westside north of Main Street and bordering Thorpe Street. The garden’s creation is part of an ongoing effort to revitalize neighborhoods through a partnership with Safe Streets Binghamton and the Design Your Own Park project. The site hosts a wildflower patch located out front and a compost system.  The garden has twelve 8’ x 5’ beds, with wood chip mulch placed down around them to suppress weed growth. Garden Rental Fee: $15 per plot (8×5 ft).





Park Street Community Garden (46 Park St, Binghamton, NY)

This is Binghamton’s 11th community garden, and was built over the course of 6 hours by neighbors and volunteers. The land for the Park St. garden was provided by a supporter of VINES who wanted to re purpose the land at this site. Priority for garden plot rentals will be given to residents of these homes and the surrounding blocks. Garden Rental Fee: $25 per plot (10×4 ft).




Phelps Park Community Garden (600 State Street, Binghamton, NY)

This community garden has 10 beds. There is access to water, a garden box with tools,compost bins, and lots of sun (as long as Mother Nature participates). The garden is surrounded by a split rail fence and flowers. It is located in a city park with swings, basketball court, benches and plenty of open, green space. The garden is a partnership between the park’s committee and the Lee Barta Community Center. Garden rental fee: $10/plot



Pine Street Community Garden (67 Pine St. Binghamton, NY)


This site is located just south of NYSEG stadium parking. The land is being leased from a private owner. Pine Street was the site of one of the first VINES gardens and was moved from 15 Pine St to 67. Unfortunately, 15 Pine St is now a(nother) paved parking lot. Future plans for this site are the construction of a shed and an arbor, and planting of fruit bushes and trees. Garden Rental Fee: $20 per plot (10×5 ft).


Salvation Army Community Garden (530 State Street, Binghamton, NY)

The Salvation Army and VINES built this community garden in October 2015 on a vacant lot next to the Family Dollar on Chenango St. The lot is the future site of a new Salvation Army facility that will include a recreation center  and job training services. VINES and Salvation Army manage the garden together, but VINES processes all sign-up requests. A special thank you to Noon Rotary and Lowe’s for donating funds to build this garden.

Garden Rental Fee: $15 per plot. Contact VINES to sign up.


Affiliate Gardens

Affiliate gardens are managed by their own group and operate independent of VINES. We provide them with help when requested. We value these relationships and are happy to see other community gardens in Binghamton!

photo 3 (3)United Presbyterian Church Garden (42 Chenango Street, Binghamton, NY)


Started by the United Presbyterian Church in the spring of 2014, the Community Meal Garden is the product of the church leadership’s desire to help community members get more fresh produce in their diet. The garden supplies a portion of the vegetables used in the church’s free community meal every Tuesday of the month. In exchange for affordable office space, VINES manages the plot, providing services like crop planning, planting and harvesting. The garden is always in need of volunteers to assist in weeding, watering and maintaining the space. If you are interested in any of these tasks or have other ways to contribute, please contact email


Other Gardens in the Community

Valley Church Community Garden

(1452 River Road, Town of Chenango)


Built by members of the Valley Church in 2016, this is Town of Chenango’s first community garden. Plots are still available. Visit their website at to sign up for a 4′ x 10′ foot raised bed or a 10′ by 10′ plot at ground level.