Direct Sowing vs. Transplants

Planting season is here, and many beginning gardeners may be asking themselves, should I direct seed this plant, or transplant it? What’s the difference?

Direct seeding is simply sowing seeds directly into your garden. Transplanting is starting your seed ahead of time, usually indoors or in a greenhouse, and planting the whole plant into your garden. So, why would you choose one over the other? There are many reasons: direct seeding is time saving, and some plants, especially root crops, don’t like their roots disturbed, so it’s best to plant the seed where it will grow for the rest of the season. Some plants, however, do better transplanted. They may be more delicate as seedlings, so they need to be protected and pampered a bit before planting. Another reason for transplanting is that it offers you a bit of a jump start on plants that take longer to grow, like tomatoes and peppers.

Here is a great article that talks about the difference between direct seeding and transplanting, and a good list of what different kinds of crops prefer.

Happy planting!