Dividing Perennials for Fall Planting + Tree Planting

Although it’s not a task that needs to be done every year, dividing and replanting your perennials keeps them healthy and vibrant, with enough space to flourish. It’s also a great way to share some of your favorite plants with others.

Autumn is a great time to replant those spring and early summer flowering plants, especially those with fleshy roots. You’ll want to dig them up and replant so they have enough time to reestablish roots in the ground, about 4-6 weeks before frost. It’s best to do it on a cooler day with some cloud cover to help keep divisions from drying out.

Here’s a quick how-to with a top ten list of plants: https://www.familyhandyman.com/list/perennials-to-divide-in-fall/

The fall is also a great opportunity to get trees in the ground. It will give them an opportunity to establish themselves before dormancy, and an extra season of growth in the spring before the stress of summertime weather.

Follow this link for more information: https://arbordayblog.org/treeplanting/why-its-great-to-plant-trees-in-the-fall/