Harvesting Potatoes

Howdy! Today we’re going to take a look into harvesting potatoes. Apples of the earth, potatoes can be a tricky veggie when it comes time to harvest them. Although their verdant vines will be hard to miss in your garden, the starchy spuds themselves will be buried under several layers of soil with no clear indication as to where they’re located sometimes. So grab your garden fork and then be very careful about where you’ll use it to break up the dirt, because we’re harvesting potatoes!

At this point in the season, your potato plants have likely already flowered or dried up. This means they’re perfect for harvesting. Make sure you get them out before heavy rainfall as well, if they’re still unharvested while in damp conditions you’ll run the risk of in-ground rotting. You’ll want to take your spade, garden fork, or whatever tool you’re using and dig in about 8-12 inches away from your plant. While digging and excavating your potatoes, be careful not to damage them as this will leave them susceptible to rotting faster than normal and decrease their ability to be stored