How to Water

Every garden is different! When watering, make sure to consider the size, species and location of your plants, as well as the size and makeup of your growing medium.

Watering plants isn’t too hard, but there is a right way to do it: 

When: When needed! If the first inch or two of your soil is dry, go ahead and water. If not, give the soil some time to dry out. Early mornings or evenings are optimal, avoid midday heat if possible.  

Where: Water the soil, not the plant. Watering the plant itself can lead to fungus or disease, or even burning for certain plants under direct sunlight. 

How: Water slowly, pause and give the soil time to absorb the water before adding more. Once the water begins to pool on the soil surface, it is sufficiently saturated. Try to water with a gentle stream that mimics rainfall. Watering cans can be helpful but are not necessary.