Planting Edible Flowers in the Garden

Your garden doesn’t have to only have veggies that you can eat, there are also edible flowers! Not only are these plants beautiful, they can be added to your salad. Just make sure you do your research and don’t eat any flower you see unless you know that it is edible:)

What do edible flowers taste like and what do I do with them?

Some are tart, some are spicy, and some are bitter, but they are all beautiful! They can be sprinkled over a salad, a pizza, or even infused in olive oil or vinegar. 

What flowers are edible? 

  1. Nasturtiums: These are quite popular in the edible flower world and have brilliant colors like orange, red, and yellow. They do well planted in warm spring soil (right about now). All parts of the plant are edible and they are peppery and spicy. 
  1. Daylilies: These hardy perennial plants are great as an edible! They come back every year and do great in most locations. They taste similar to asparagus and can be sowed in late spring or early fall. Remove the bitter white base of the stem before you enjoy it and make sure you are eating a daylily as other lilies are poisonous.
  1. Squash Blossoms: These are exactly what they sound like, the flowers of summer squash plants! They can be planted in later spring directly into the warm soil. All types of squash flowers are edible, but the summer squash ones are the most popular. They are great raw in a salad, or, really great stuffed with ricotta and battered and fried!

There are many other flowers out there that are edible, but these are a few of our favorites. We hope you enjoy them and share with your family and friends!