Preparing Your Garden

Spring has sprung! Make sure you and your garden are prepared for the growing season. Here’s some important steps to help you get ready to plant this Spring:

  • Get to know your garden, plan out your space
    • Container gardening and trellises are great ways to maximize growing space
    • For garden beds, square foot gardening is helpful to prevent overcrowding
    • Make notes on level of sunlight exposure and cardinal orientation
  • Choosing crops: Decide what crops you want to grow and how you will arrange your garden
    • For some examples of popular crops in New York, check out this article  
  • Sourcing Seeds: It’s always best to secure your seeds early in the season.
  • Prepare your soil
    • Clear out any weeds or other debris in your garden space
    • Consider testing your soil for key nutrients and pH
      • Here is some info on possible soil amendments to common nutrient deficiencies
    • Mulch can be added to help lock in moisture 
    • Add some compost to improve soil structure and chemical makeup
  • Plan your planting schedule
    • Succession planting is a convenient way to ensure a bounty of fresh fruits and veggies all season long without producing too much at one time.
  • It’s not too early!
    • Many crops can be planted before the last frost, some even thrive in colder conditions
      • Carrots, potatoes, spinach, and more all do well in early spring in Zone 5

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