Urban Farm Workdays: Saturday, April 21: 11am-2pm; Friday, April 27: 9am-12pm; Saturday, May 5: 11am-2pm

Beds are built and we are working on our fertility by adding lots of compost. Radishes, arugula, spinach, sugar snap peas and salad mix have all started to grow. Beets are also in the ground, and as you can see tomatoes are raring to go. Thanks to some helpful volunteers this past week the green house is now covered in shade cloth and two rows of strawberries have been planted, with more strawberries to come.  For the next three work days there are a number of goals.

We need to weed the entire greenhouse and lay down a plastic mulch so that we don’t have to spend any more time weeding the greenhouse. This task will require lots of hands and should be done soon. So if you have time this Saturday come on down and bring a friend.

We will be continuing to add compost to the outdoor beds to improve our soil fertility. Now that we are in the swing of things more and more seeds are going to be started.

Also, we will be looking to build an herb spiral. This is a Permaculture bed design that saves space and allows for different soil and weather conditions for different kinds of herbs.

Hope to see you there. Workdays are Rain or Shine! If the rain is too intense we will work mainly in the greenhouse. The Urban Farm is located at 16 Tudor st., Downtown Binghamton.