Building A Hoop House for a Raised Garden Bed

The cold weather is here. Whether you are looking to extend this year’s harvest or get a jump start on next year’s planting, a hoop house for your garden bed could be the solution. There are many options to choose from when thinking about hoop houses. There are quite a few options on the market, if you choose to purchase a prefabricated version. For our purposes, we have concentrated on the Do-It-Yourself options. Below, there are three options, ranging from the simplest to more complex. When deciding which option will work best for you, think about what your garden needs as well as your ability to acquire materials (purchasing and/or salvaging) and possible construction limitations. Whatever you seek, the three options below should give you a great place to start.

The first and simplest option is frameless:

How to Make a Hoop House for a Raised Bed

The second option adds a hinged frame:

Grow More Food with a DIY Raised Bed Hoop House For Your Garden

The final option adds ventilation and additional structure at the ends of the hoop house:

Really Sweet DIY Mini Greenhouse For Your Raised Bed Garden