Fencing In Your Garden (Large Pest Exclusion)

Summer is officially here! Hopefully that means many things are blooming, as well as lots of the annual veggies are in the ground and fairly well established. You’ve been working hard and are looking forward to the abundance of harvest, including fresh salad greens, crisp and juicy cucumbers, sumptuous tomatoes, and the rest. 

If you don’t have your different planting grounds protected, chances are you’re not the only one looking for a feast. 

Depending upon where you live, whether more urban or rural, there will be some furry friends we don’t necessarily want to invite to the garden.

There are many types of fencing depending upon the size of the space and types of plants you’re growing, as well as the types of critters you want to keep away. Do you need it just to be utilitarian or is there an aesthetic quality that you are going for?

Do you need to fence in a large plot? Just a few individual raised beds?

What kind of animals are you trying to exclude from your garden?

Best of luck and Happy Gardening!