Ordering Seeds

It’s time to think about ordering seeds and planning your garden for Spring! It’s always good to order seeds before the season starts. Prices might be cheaper, and you will get a good idea of what you want to grow.

Starting seedlings indoors can be tricky for a beginner, so if you’re new to growing,  you may want to plan to get some plants as transplants. Transplants are baby plants that have been started inside, and will be ready to plant when you buy them. There are many places to buy transplants in our area, including nurseries and farmers markets. Some places in our area to get seedlings include Nanticoke Gardens, the Broome County Farmers’ Market, and the Vestal Farmers’ Market. Remember, buying local is always best!

If you are planning on starting your own transplants at home, or direct seeding some crops into your garden, here’s some tips for ordering your seeds!
You can buy seeds in many places, like local home goods stores (Agway, Tractor Supply, Lowes), or order them online from places like Johnny’s Selected Seeds, Seed Saver’s Exchange, Truelove Seeds, or High Mowing Seeds.