No matter the time of year, weeding your garden is a pivotal step in keeping your plants healthy and happy. Weeding your garden helps your plants by only allowing the things you want to absorb nutrients. If we allowed our gardens to go without weeding, our plants may be outcompeted by other things trying to survive in our garden beds. Things like Lambs Quarter, Ragweed, and Horsenettle (ouch). They have the ability to drown out or stunt the growth of our vegetables, fruits, or flowers!

Take these few steps when going about weeding, however there isn’t one right way to do it. Take whatever strategy works for you, and try not to make it a chore for yourself. Plenty of people who keep their own gardens see weeding as a meditative activity.

  1. Try weeding a small space around your priority plant (plant you are weeding around), it’s better to do this step by hand to ensure you’re not damaging the plant you’re intending to protect.
  2. If your priority plants aren’t too far apart from one another you should use a tool to make things easier for yourself. Things like trowels, handhoes, shovels, or a pitchfork.
  3. Work your way around until your row is clear of unwanted plants and plant debris! Certain weeds can root above the soil, or spread seed, so it’s best to remove and compost them.
  4. Examine and admire your work! Keep looking around, depending on the size and type of plant, some weeds may blend in or get blocked by the plant itself. It’s always a good idea to double check!

Follow these simple steps and your chances of having a happy successful garden will rise drastically!

Happy Weeding!