Garden Bed Planning Workshop: Saturday, March 17th at 1pm, Exhibit Room Broome County Library

Get ready for spring by planning out your garden bed! After a short introduction to the basics of square foot gardening, this will be a hand-on workshop in which individuals can plan their garden beds for the season. Come speak with gardening experts to find out how best to utilize your garden bed this year!

Participants for this event should bring paper, ruler, a writing utensil, and the dimensions of their garden bed. Please review this guide from the Food Project ahead of the workshop so you will be well prepared.

Those interested in attending the workshop are asked to register ahead on the VINES’ website. This event is open to the public and is free for members of VINES’ community gardens. This workshop will be repeated on April 9th at 6pm.

Participants of these workshops will also learn about how to get garden plot at a local community garden.