Cultivation Calendar

  • Pest Management: Slugs
    So, slugs have begun to intrude on your garden haven’t they? Although many prefer to feast on dead and decaying matter, there are some varieties […]
  • All About Garlic Scapes
    When I first learned about garlic scapes, I couldn’t believe my eyes, or my taste buds. I think I still feel the same way today. […]
  • Plant Pest Profile: Cucumber Beetles
    We have heard reports of cucumber beetles attacking squash, cucumber, and melon seedlings in our community gardens.  Here are some quick tips for preventing and […]
  • Protect Your Garden from Possible Hail
    PROTECT YOURSELF 1.Stay inside during a hail storm!!!!  You do not want to risk injury.  You are more precious than any plant. PROTECT YOUR PLANTS  […]
  • Transplanting Tomatoes
    The weather has warmed up, you’ve hardened off your tomato seedlings, giving them extra special attention every step of the way, and now it’s time […]