Cultivation Calendar

  • Composting during the “Cold Months”
    As is the case with most gardening activities in our climate, composting takes a bit of a pause for the winter, but it doesn’t have […]
  • Garden Tool Cleaning/Organization
    Here in the Southern Tier, gardening season is definitely coming to end with several days of winter weather already upon us. However, still manageable to […]
  • Soil Testing/Fall Soil Amendments
    Now is as good a time as any to help your garden soil out by amending it properly. If you want to know more specifically […]
  • Putting Your Garden to Bed
    The growing season is nearly over, and it’s time to put your garden to bed. Here is an article from The Spruce on how to […]
  • Building A Hoop House for a Raised Garden Bed
    The cold weather is here. Whether you are looking to extend this year’s harvest or get a jump start on next year’s planting, a hoop […]
  • Garlic Planting
    Want to grow your own garlic but don’t know where to start? Come learn about garlic growing techniques with us on Thursday Oct. 13th at […]
  • Dividing Perennials for Fall Planting + Tree Planting
    Although it’s not a task that needs to be done every year, dividing and replanting your perennials keeps them healthy and vibrant, with enough space […]
  • Canning
    Now that the season is nearly over, you can learn how to preserve all the fresh fruits you picked over the summer! This article from […]
  • Planting Fall Bulbs
    This week, we wanted to share this article on Bulb Planting in the fall, by American Meadows. They introduce different bulb planting methods, and how […]
  • Seed Saving
    Want to save your seeds for next season but don’t know where to start?  Come learn about seed saving techniques with us! This week, we […]
  • Fall Crops – What can you plant now?
    Fall is here! Check out this article on 10 things you can plant for the fall season!
  • Season Extension
    Want to grow your vegetables for longer but don’t know where to start?  Come learn about season extension techniques with us! Using these techniques, you […]
  • Cover Crops for Soil Fertility
    Interested in adding fertility to your garden bed with cover crops? Not sure what cover crops are? Here’s an article that covers all the details […]
  • Weeding
    No matter the time of year, weeding your garden is a pivotal step in keeping your plants healthy and happy. Weeding your garden helps your […]
  • Late Summer Planting
    August is a beautiful time in the garden. Many vegetables are ready for harvest, but that may leave us with vacant spaces in our gardens.  […]
  • Pruning Indeterminate Tomatoes
    Now that your tomato plants are growing tall and working on producing healthy tomatoes, it’s time to prune your indeterminate tomatoes! Unlike determinate tomatoes that […]
  • Different Irrigation Methods
    In the summer heat, it is important to make sure that both you and your plants are staying properly hydrated. However, there are many variables […]
  • Harvesting Summer Crops
    Mid-summer you will start to notice the fruits of your labor when your crops are ready to be harvested!! Starting a garden is a lot […]
  • Garden Grubs
    You walk into your garden and notice there are holes in one of your cabbage plants, a tomato plant is half gone, and your squash […]
  • Plant Protection: Shading/Sun Cover
    Sunlight is the best source of energy for growing plants, but too much sun can cause stress on plants. A really great way to protect […]
  • Fencing In Your Garden (Large Pest Exclusion)
    Summer is officially here! Hopefully that means many things are blooming, as well as lots of the annual veggies are in the ground and fairly […]
  • What To Plant Now
    So, you thought you were done planting, huh? Think again! Many people assume you can’t plant anything past June, but if you have the space, […]
  • Trellising Tomatoes
    Whether your tomato plants are transplanted or growing from the ground, they are probably stretching to the sky. Tomatoes need support as they grow. Trellises […]
  • Planting Summer Bulbs
    Now that spring has settled and gardens are beginning to produce seedlings and some harvesting is beginning, it is time to think about planting summer […]
  • Companion Plants
    Companion planting is both an art and a science. Envisioning your garden space to grow more diversely and dynamically can make it more aesthetically interesting, […]
  • How to Water
    Watering your plants is something that may seem easy, right? Just add water! Surprisingly, there is a “best way” to water plants. Here are a […]
  • Plant Spacing
    It seems like the danger of winter has passed and it’s time to bring your seedlings out and direct sow your seeds outdoors. Seedlings are […]
  • Gardening on a Budget
    It’s always so much fun to think of great ideas for home projects! Yet, the costs of materials can deter anyone from following through with […]
  • Spring Perennial Plant Care
    Perennial plants, those that return year after year, providing us with aesthetic beauty, a source of food for both pollinators and humans, medicine, ground cover […]
  • Direct Sowing vs. Transplants
    Planting season is here, and many beginning gardeners may be asking themselves, should I direct seed this plant, or transplant it? What’s the difference? Direct […]
  • Protecting Crops from the Cold
    Spring time in Broome County is beautiful and sometimes unpredictable. There has been snow here as late as June and a frost can cause damage […]
  • Hardening off Brassicas
    Now that you have started your seedlings from the brassica family (cabbage, kale, broccoli, kohlrabi, cauliflower, collards, and brussels sprouts) indoors, it’s time to harden […]
  • Preparing The Garden (For Spring Planting)
    Whether you’re new to gardening or not, the early Spring is an exciting time. The changes in the air and temperature, the extending daylight hours […]
  • IPM: Flea Beetles
    We are all excited to see warmer weather, but there’s always one thing most of us dread when seasons change: bugs. As gardeners, bugs can […]
  • All About Clover
    With St. Patrick’s Day in March, we see lots of green and four-leaf clovers. But did you know that clover can be one of a […]
  • Composting 101
    Compost is a magical thing. It adds beneficial nutrients to your soil, and home composting can help keep waste that produces greenhouse gasses out of […]
  • Cold Weather Crops
    Believe it or not, spring is fast approaching! There are many crops that can be planted in the early spring, as soon as your garden […]
  • Green Thumb Workshops
    We hope you are enjoying the Cultivation Calendar this year! We try to keep our Cultivation Calendar posts short, sweet, and simple, but sometimes, you […]
  • Raised Bed Gardening
    Have you ever considered building a raised bed at your home? This is a wonderful option for those that have a backyard but don’t want […]
  • Planning your Garden
    By Cynthia Averett, VINES Urban Farm Manager 02/11/22 Before the season begins, having a plan for your garden can help you get the best harvest. […]
  • Soil Tests
    Did you know that if you live in a home that was built before 1970 or by a major highway, your back yard’s soil may […]
  • Beginner Plant Recommendations
    By Cynthia Averett, VINES Urban Farm Manager 01/28/22 New to gardening this year? Some plants can seem intimidating to grow, but there are many plants […]
  • Ordering Seeds
    It’s time to start thinking about ordering seeds again! For a home garden, we like to keep it simple. Most plants for your garden such […]
  • Seed Germination Testing
    Seed Germination Testing By Cynthia Averett, VINES Urban Farm Manager 01/14/22 Do you have seeds left over from last year, maybe even 2 or 3 […]
  • Happy New Year!
    Happy New Year and welcome to VINES Cultivation Calendar 2022! We look forward to learning with you this year. Next week look out for a […]
  • See You Next Year!
    Thank you so much for a wonderful first season of Cultivation Calendar! We have enjoyed every second of it and hope you learned from us, […]
  • Storing Garden Tools for Winter
    The season is winding down and we’re just about ready to start putting our gardening tools away until the weather warms up again in the […]
  • Putting your Garden To Bed for Winter
    All VINES Community Gardeners must clean out their garden beds by Sunday, October 31st.  Even if you’re gardening in your back yard or containers, it’s […]