Cultivation Calendar

  • See You Next Year!
    Thank you so much for a wonderful first season of Cultivation Calendar! We have enjoyed every second of it and hope you learned from us, […]
  • Storing Garden Tools for Winter
    The season is winding down and we’re just about ready to start putting our gardening tools away until the weather warms up again in the […]
  • Putting your Garden To Bed for Winter
    All VINES Community Gardeners must clean out their garden beds by Sunday, October 31st.  Even if you’re gardening in your back yard or containers, it’s […]
  • Cultivation Calendar: How to Harvest and Store Apples and Pears
    Who doesn’t love fruit that grows on trees? I’d imagine quite a few people but I’m going to assume that you’re not one of them […]
  • Cover Cropping
    This time of year, many of us are putting our garden beds to rest for the season. Many farmers and gardeners use cover crops in […]
  • Dividing Perennials in the Fall
    Fall is officially here and our gardens are winding down. As plants die back you may be wondering what you can do in your garden […]
  • Winter Squash: Harvesting and Storage
    It’s getting to be around that time when the weather starts to cool and daylight becomes more and more scarce. As the grasp the trees […]
  • Planting Garlic
    Are you planting any garlic this year? If you are, the time to plant is coming soon! Planting garlic can seem intimidating to new growers, […]
  • Harvesting Potatoes
    Howdy! Today we’re going to take a look into harvesting potatoes. Apples of the earth, potatoes can be a tricky veggie when it comes time […]
  • Summer Tomato Preservation
    Ahhhhh, fresh summer tomatoes straight off the vine – what could be better?! There is nothing like going out to the garden, plucking a big […]
  • Can woodchucks and gardeners co-exist? Learn these tips to prevent groundhog damage!
    They are the scourge of gardeners everywhere:  Woodchucks, aka groundhogs, whistle pigs, or Marmota monax wreak havoc in gardens, trampling plants, digging complex burrows, and […]
  • Wasp Safety and Management
    You may think of wasps as being annoying garden intruders with a painful sting. But there are many wasps that are beneficial insects that not […]
  • Wet Weather Gardening Tips
    Wet Weather Gardening Tips We’ve had a lot of rain this summer. Wet humid conditions can increase the chance of pests and diseases affecting your […]
  • Plant Cold Weather Crops for Fall Harvest
    Back in April, we talked about planting crops that could tolerate cold weather. Well, we’re back to talk about it again! Most of the cold […]
  • Harvesting Garlic
    If you haven’t already harvested your garlic, it’s about time to do it! Garlic is usually harvested in the Northeast in late July, although this […]
  • Hand Pollinating Squash Plants
    Have you ever wondered why your summer squash plants produce so many flowers, but never go to fruit? This is a very common problem that […]
  • Proper Watering
    Keep your plants well-watered in the summer! Check out this 2 minute video: It’s very important to keep your plants well-watered, especially during these hot […]
  • Japanese Beetles
    Japanese Beetles We’re all familiar with the perils of insects interfering with our gardening. We’ve covered how to deal with flea beetles, aphids, cabbage worms, […]
  • Gardening Safely During a Heat Advisory: People and Plant Care Tips
    Gardening Safely During a Heat Advisory: People and Plant Tips By Christina Zawerucha, Community Gardens Program Manager There is a heat advisory for Broome County […]
  • Preventing Your Garden From Bolting (Going to Seed)
    Have you ever had your garden greens go to seed too quickly but can’t figure out why? This is known as “bolting.” Plants bolt when […]
  • Pest Management: Slugs
    So, slugs have begun to intrude on your garden haven’t they? Although many prefer to feast on dead and decaying matter, there are some varieties […]
  • All About Garlic Scapes
    When I first learned about garlic scapes, I couldn’t believe my eyes, or my taste buds. I think I still feel the same way today. […]
  • Plant Pest Profile: Cucumber Beetles
    We have heard reports of cucumber beetles attacking squash, cucumber, and melon seedlings in our community gardens.  Here are some quick tips for preventing and […]
  • Protect Your Garden from Possible Hail
    PROTECT YOURSELF 1.Stay inside during a hail storm!!!!  You do not want to risk injury.  You are more precious than any plant. PROTECT YOUR PLANTS  […]
  • Transplanting Tomatoes
    The weather has warmed up, you’ve hardened off your tomato seedlings, giving them extra special attention every step of the way, and now it’s time […]
  • Weeding Out Unwanted Garden Guests
    Plant guests that are aggressive, greedy, noxious or unsafe should be escorted out the door before they ruin the party for everyone!  In some cases, […]
  • Shopping for Transplants
    Summer is almost here! Even though there is still a threat of frost in May, many gardeners are getting ready to plant their summer crops. […]
  • Planting Potatoes; IPM Flea Beetles and Aphids
    We’ve got a lot for you in this post: first, we’ll talk about planting potatoes! Then, we’ll move on to ways to deal with the […]
  • Planting Edible Flowers in the Garden
    Your garden doesn’t have to only have veggies that you can eat, there are also edible flowers! Not only are these plants beautiful, they can […]
  • Thinning and Mulching Strawberries
    Planting Strawberries: How to Plant Strawberries in the Spring Who? Anyone can plant strawberries, even beginner gardeners!  You can purchase your bare-root strawberry runners from […]
  • IPM: Planning for Pest Management
    As the weather warms up, we see life springing up all around us. While it is beautiful to see, this also means we must start […]
  • Direct Seeding: Cold Tolerant Crops
    Spring is here, the weather is beginning to warm up a bit, and the weeds and native plants have begun to grow! We talked about […]
  • Making A Square Foot Garden Grid
    So, you’ve decided to begin gardening this season but aren’t sure where to start? If you’re new to gardening, the task of organizing your garden […]
  • Growing & Protecting Plants in Cold Spring Weather
    By Christina Zawerucha, VINES Community Garden Manager March 19th, 2021 Don’t shock your crops!  You can grow lettuce, cabbage, & spinach in March- but make […]
  • Plant Protection in Cold Spring Weather
    Even though the weather outside is cool, it’s a great time to direct sow or transplant cool-weather crops like peas, lettuce, spinach, radish, cabbage and […]
  • Soil Fertility and the Magic of Compost
    Soil Fertility and the Magic of Compost By Cynthia Averett, VINES Urban Farm Manager 03/12/21 Your garden soil is more than just dirt; it contains […]
  • Soil Fertility and the Magic of Compost
    Your garden soil is more than just dirt; it contains all the food your plants need to grow. Just like people, your plants need a […]
  • Early planting: Peas and Spinach
    Early planting: Peas and Spinach By Cynthia Averett, VINES Urban Farm Manager 03/05/21   I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose, I would […]
  • Early planting: Peas and Spinach
    While it may seem too early to start thinking about planting outside, there are certain crops that can handle some cold weather, and now is […]
  • What Gardening Tools are Essential?
    Gardening Tools By Hope Townsend, VINES Youth Program Manager   Here at VINES, we like to make gardening simple! That includes what tools we use […]
  • Culinary Garden Design
    Do you have a favorite food you like to share at home?  Why not design a Culinary Garden to supply all of the ingredients you […]
  • Seed Starting
    So you’ve decided to do some seed starting in anticipation for that beautiful garden you’re planning? Well, that’s a great choice and I am personally […]
  • Simple Seed Germination Test
    Is that milk in the back of the fridge still good? How about that unopened packet of tomato seeds from last year? Just like food […]
  • Companion Planting
    Is there somebody in your life that helps you grow stronger and healthier every day?  Just like people, plants have companions (close friends) that help […]
  • Square Foot Gardening: An Introduction
    By: Jibreel Cooper Are you new to gardening? Are you someone who likes to keep things in an orderly fashion? Are you just trying to […]
  • Ordering Seeds: Direct Seeding vs. Transplanting
    By Cynthia Averett, VINES Urban Farm Manager 1/15/21 It’s time to think about ordering seeds and planning your garden for Spring! It’s always good to […]
  • What kind of plants can we grow in our area?
    By Cynthia Averett, VINES Urban Farm Manager 01/08/21 One of the first things beginning gardeners ask is, “What kind of plants can I grow?” A […]
  • Raised Bed Benefits
    Raised Bed Benefits By Hope Townsend, VINES Youth Program Manager Week of January 1- January 8th, 2021 Wondering why VINES uses raised beds in all […]