2021 Cultivation Calendar

  • Thinning and Mulching Strawberries
    Planting Strawberries: How to Plant Strawberries in the Spring Who? Anyone can plant strawberries, even beginner gardeners!  You can purchase your bare-root strawberry runners from […]
  • IPM: Planning for Pest Management
    As the weather warms up, we see life springing up all around us. While it is beautiful to see, this also means we must start […]
  • Direct Seeding: Cold Tolerant Crops
    Spring is here, the weather is beginning to warm up a bit, and the weeds and native plants have begun to grow! We talked about […]
  • Making A Square Foot Garden Grid
    So, you’ve decided to begin gardening this season but aren’t sure where to start? If you’re new to gardening, the task of organizing your garden […]
  • Growing & Protecting Plants in Cold Spring Weather
    By Christina Zawerucha, VINES Community Garden Manager March 19th, 2021 Don’t shock your crops!  You can grow lettuce, cabbage, & spinach in March- but make […]