Cultivation Calendar

  • Planting Garlic
    Are you planting any garlic this year? If you are, the time to plant is coming soon! Planting garlic can seem intimidating to new growers, […]
  • Harvesting Potatoes
    Howdy! Today we’re going to take a look into harvesting potatoes. Apples of the earth, potatoes can be a tricky veggie when it comes time […]
  • Summer Tomato Preservation
    Ahhhhh, fresh summer tomatoes straight off the vine – what could be better?! There is nothing like going out to the garden, plucking a big […]
  • Can woodchucks and gardeners co-exist? Learn these tips to prevent groundhog damage!
    They are the scourge of gardeners everywhere:  Woodchucks, aka groundhogs, whistle pigs, or Marmota monax wreak havoc in gardens, trampling plants, digging complex burrows, and […]
  • Wasp Safety and Management
    You may think of wasps as being annoying garden intruders with a painful sting. But there are many wasps that are beneficial insects that not […]