VINES Binghamton Farm Share is open to families of all income levels. In an effort to make healthy food affordable to all families, Binghamton Farm Share offers both a 25% or 50% discount on shares to individuals or families who receive SNAP, WIC or fall within our income eligibility guidelines.  The discounts are supported by the City of Binghamton, United Way of Broome County, and private donors. This means that our farmers are still paid in full for every share.

We also offer flexible payment plans for all members! Members can opt to pay every 2 weeks, monthly or can pay upfront for the entire season (20+ weeks). Members can start at any time in the season (as long as shares are available) or terminate before the end of the season (must give at least one week notice) for no additional charge.

See if you qualify for our discount

  • Customers who receive SNAP (formerly known as food stamps) qualify
  • Households of 5 people or less who receive WIC qualify
  • Families or individuals within income levels 1-3 on the chart below qualify. To determine your eligibility first find the number of family members living in your household and follow the chart across to see if the total income for your household falls within level 1, 2, or 3. Upon signing the Farm Share Agreement, members agree to report income correctly. No proof of income is required at this time.


Not eligible? Even at full price, Binghamton Farm Share offers a great value for local, fresh vegetables every week while supporting local farmers! Customers paying full price are integral to the financial success of this program. We also accept donations to help us offer discounts to additional families in need. Thank you for your support!