Why Farm Share?

Why participate in VINES Farm Share?

Eat more vegetables while saving money on your grocery bill with VINES Farm Share.

Eat Good Food

Receive a box of fresh local vegetables every week, while challenging yourself to try new vegetables. Each share is packed fresh by one of our farmers and includes an assortment of vegetables that vary throughout the season. These local veggies are fresher and more flavorful than what you’ll find in a supermarket. All of our farms are located within a 60 mile radius of Binghamton, NY. We’ll help you get familiar with where your food comes from and how it is grown!

Member Education

VINES Farm Share will help you spice up your cooking world!  With amazing, knowledgeable volunteers at each distribution site, weekly recipes, storage guides and sampling we will help you to find various, fun ways of using the produce you find in your share.  VINES also holds workshops through our Green Thumb Series as well as partnering with Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Nutrition Program.

Save Money

Members of VINES Farm Share receive great prices for fresh, local vegetables without having to travel to the grocery store. Members each year report eating more vegetables while decreasing their grocery bill. Income-eligible households qualify for up to a 50% discount on their share each week (households receiving SNAP, WIC, or within our income guidelines may be eligible). We also accept SNAP in addition to cash or check with biweekly or monthly payment plans.

Support Local Farmers

By joining VINES Farm Share you support a local farm for the entire growing season.  This helps to strengthening the local economy and also brings you closer to the people who grow food that you eat.

Have Fun!

Food unites us all.  VINES Farm Share is a great way to meet people in your community and learn more about cooking and food at pick-up sites, events, potlucks, workshops, cooking demonstrations, and more!

…Quotes from Farm Share Members…

“I loved the farm share program. I also I’m grateful that we were able to get more vegetables than we normally could. Plus I’ve tried so many new vegetables that I really like that I never knew I did and I’ve learned how to freeze and blanch.I love the program!”

“The staff were amazing, and so friendly. I never felt like I was a burden to them when I asked how to prepare the veggies. I loved the fact we tried new veggies that we’ve never heard of, and our 8 year old keeps asking for us to buy the new veggies at the store.”

“Loved the variety and freshness, my favorite part was interacting with the lovely ladies that worked at the pick up site!”

“[Farm Share] helps us eat healthy food that I otherwise could not afford.”

“Awesome! I lost 9 pounds eating more veggies and gained more muscle. This program has been a blessing for me.”

“The program also left me feeling connected with the people who’ve made this happen! I also became a lot more aware of the actual produce we have here in Broome.”

“I loved the surprise of fresh vegetables, trying new recipes, and seeing the friendly Farm Share staff each week!”

“I enjoyed having the opportunity to try vegetables that I wouldn’t normally purchase at the supermarket.”

“It felt like I was getting a Christmas present every week! An assortment of delicious surprises every week!”

“I like to know I’m eating good food, from a local farm.”

“[What I liked best was the] challenge to create new dishes and eat new foods”

 “The program increased the amount of vegetables my family ate while decreasing my grocery bill.”